Thursday, June 26, 2008

GOOD MOVE BAYFIELD: The Regional housing Alliance of La Plata County (RHA) announced that Bayfield has entered into the alliance. The RHA is a quasi-state governmental entity that has coordinated countywide efforts to provide affordable housing in the area since 2004.

Jennifer Lopez, RHA Executive Director said, "It's a wonderful moment for us. We have a lot of housing and economic-development issues in Bayfield, and we can play a larger role now that they'll be at the table."

Under the new agreement, Bayfield will join in ongoing efforts to develop housing projects and programs throughout the county. It will also commit to provide RHA with funding for operational expenses.

In addition, two representatives from Bayfield, one elected official and and town staff or community member, will serve on the RHA Board.

Friday, June 06, 2008

LAKE DURANGO: La Plata County Commissioners have lifted the five year old moratorium on new subdivision development that would rely on water from Lake Durango. The ban was based on concerns about both the quantity and quality of the water.

Commissioners determined that circumstances have changed since then with improvements made to the Pine River ditch to decrease seepage, the addition of circulators to the lake and upgrades to the treatment plant. Additionally, new wells in Durango West have helped decrease the demand on the lake, which serves Durango West I and II, as well as Shenandoah, Trappers Crossing and Rafter J.

The request to lift the ban came from Trappers Crossing developer Ron Spence and Cole Eden, who has proposed a seven lot development called Ridgewood Estates. Spence is seeking to complete Trappers Crossing's fifth phase, which would add 11 lots. Both had acquired taps for their projects but were not allowed to proceed because of the moratorium.

Lake Durango Water Co., the private company that delivers Lake Durango water, is in the process of being sold to the Lake Durango Water Authority, a governmental authority created in 2007 to settle the controversy over water quality and quantity. The arrangement must be approved by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

LIVING IN DURANGO: If you think a cold 20 mph north wind coupled with a steady drizzle/rain would keep a football stadium full of Durangotangs from throwing a beach party - you would be wrong! Last night IT WAS THE BEACH BOYS!

With only a handfull of timid no-shows the party went off with a bang and, according to the Beach Boys, folks in Durango "are flipin' crazy." Rockin' and rollin', dancing in the isles and, in general, having a great time Durango turned out for the "Boys." Beach balls were flying (it's amazing how far a beach ball will fly in a 20 mph wind.)

An hour and a half program ended with Surfin' Safari and, of course, Surfin' USA while the entire stadium danced on its feet in the rain. Thanks to the Beach Boys for sticking in there and turning a miserable evening into a remarkable event. Only in Durango.