Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This morning's headline in the Durango Herald is "County Pulls Plug on Land-use Code." WHAT!!!!!

After more than five years of having the new land use code shoved down our throats by the County Planners and Commissioners we're now told that the code is not "the best path to the community we want to see," by Planning Director Erick Aune.

Under previous planning director Nancy Lauro the planning department told us the new land use policies would control and limit urban sprawl. Now under planning director Erick Aune the planning department tells us the new code would actually increase sprawl rather than combat it. Aune says the county should focus on a comprehensive plan - "a central guiding document that would inform all functions of county government" - and from that a land use code would flow relatively easily. What a bunch of *#@^(*.

We have spent untold hours of effort and only God knows how much money to develop a land use plan for the county and now we're going to start over? These people need to take their educated rear ends and head back to Boulder or wherever it is they came from. ( And take the Commissioners with them.)