Saturday, June 02, 2012


The 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge, the world's largest and most significant international race (after the Tour de France), comes to Durango August 20, 2012. Some 20,000 visitors, including media from throughout the world, are expected to arrive in advance to support the elite atheletes who will race for seven days and 683 miles through the Rockies at elevations higher than they've ever had to endure. Durango is the Grand Depart, or the overall start, of the prestigious seven-stage race. The race will be aired live in 200 countries around the world with NBC covering the event. RE/MAX LLC, with its world headquarters based in Denver, has signed on as an offical sponsor of the race through Colorado. Ed Andersson, our co-owner at RE/MAX Pinnacle recongized the significance of the event and pushed, promoted and pressed RE/MAX LLC to jump on board and they have in a big way. RE/MAX will be represented at each stage of the event with booths, banners and other promotions. We will be receiving the equivalent of 30 minutes of internation TV exposure for Durango and, of course, RE/MAX Pinnacle. I bet a lot of folks are going to be adding a visit to Durango to their "bucket list."