Friday, June 09, 2006

BAYFIELD UPDATE: Concerned about the capacity of Bayfield's overburdened sewer system, Interim Town Manager Joe Crain has recommended that the Town Board put a moratorium on new annexation of residential property. The recommendation comes on the heels of a nearly month long moratorium on new taps and construction permits after the Colorado public health agency concluded that the town's sewage treatment plant had exceeded capacity.

According to Crain, irrigation water is seeping into underground sewage pipes in the Bayfield Sanitization District and thereby increasing the load at the plant. Crain said, there is "no doubt" that the sewer system will exceed capacity if the water continues to infiltrate the system. Several residential developments are currently underway. Until the town knows it can meet the demands of future houses in these six developments, it should not annex new property for residential use, Crain said.

Obviously, affected developers and builders believe the recommendation is an overreaction on the part of the town while the Town Board feels it needs to be proactive in addressing the issue. Growing pains, growing pains, growing pains. Stay tuned - we'll keep you posted.

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