Monday, June 05, 2006

RURAL LIVING: As in-town and close to town prices have steadily increased, rural living offers many advantages including privacy, limited traffic and noise, and often a better value for your real estate dollar. You should know, however, there are a number of important differences in the level of services and access.

Over 900 miles of county roads branch throughout La Plata County. Only about 700 miles of that are maintained. Some of these roads are paved but most are gravel, and gravel roads generate dust, a consideration in the selection of your homesite. On gravel roads, you may also expect small rocks to be kicked up by other vehicles, sometimes causing chipped or cracked windshields. In most of our subdivisions lying in the county, the roads are private and the residents are responsible for road maintenance and snow removal. Before purchasing a property you should determine if the roads are public or private. We can help with that. If the roads are private, be sure to ask the Homeowners Association how residents are charged for maintenance and how often it is performed. Here, we can also assist you.

Emergency services such as law enforcement, fire and ambulance are provided to most areas of the county, but rural residents must understand that response times will likely be longer than in the city.

Living in La Plata County we enjoy a true four season way of life. In the winter expect to deal with snow and ice and consider owning a four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive vehicle. The La Plata County Road and Bridge crews do a heroic job of keeping roads clear of snow during winter storms. Main county roads are vital to public safety and the smooth flow of traffic and therefore they receive priority maintenance. These include County Roads 240, 501, 141 and 310/318. During winter storms, many of these high-traffic roads are plowed several times a day. In subdivisions, Homeowner Associations employ private contractors to conduct snow plowing and removal. Of course results vary, but in most subdivisions residents are able to carry on with their lifestyle. Winter snows bring a lot of work with them but they also bring beauty, quiet and most of all moisture. The longer you live here the more you appreciate the saying "Think Snow."

Call or email us if you have questions about living in our wonderful area.

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