Wednesday, June 21, 2006

MERCY MEDICAL: Our new hospital Mercy Regional Medical Center is set to open June 27. The facility will set the standard for technology and services in the region and beyond. We've already experienced the economic impact in our real estate market with an influx of both professional and support staff into the area.

The new medical center in Grandview is almost twice the size of the current facility on Park Avenue with 212,000 square feet compared to 111,432 square feet.

From the entrance lobby to the top floor, the center exudes high technology and, at the same time, a homey atmosphere. For example:

** Eight-two private rooms for patients have the comforts of home - a bed that folds into a chair, private bathroom, a flat screen TV and a fold out bed for a family member;

** A double decker pass through allows supplies to the stocked from outside the room in order to minimize disruptions to the patient;

** Soft lighting, pastel colors and halls decorated with paintings, photographs, statues and wall hangings.

The regional center sits on 60 acres and was designed to allow doubling of capacity. The hospital will built out; the adjoining medical office building will build up.

The medical center represents an $82 million investment by Catholic Health Initiatives, Mercy's parent organization, and the local community. Catholic Health contributed $70 million and local donors have come with the rest. The $12 million in local donations includes $1.4 million from one individual for a 64-slice CT scanner.

We salute Catholic Health Initiatives and the good people of southwest Colorado for their efforts and generosity. Its times like this that remind us that we would not live anywhere else. Give us a call or email us if you would like more information about our wonderful area.

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