Tuesday, June 20, 2006


DURANGO: The Durango City Council voted Monday to extend water and sewer services to a developer proposing 64 "trophy homes" in the Animas Valley. The decision came after more than an hour of testimony from the public and comments by councilors. Exchanges back and forth were fierce at times and comical at others.

The decision to extend city services to Riverside Subdivision was made on the condition that the developer:

** Not exceed the 64 homes currently approved by the county;

** Set aside 78 acres in a conservation easement;

** Develop lots in such a way to increase contiguous open space lands;

**Pay to extend water and sewer lines and pay fees toward improving the ciyt's water and sewer plant.

The proposed subdivision sits on 240 acres in the Animas Valley, just north of the city limits. It is the same site where, a few years ago, the developer sought approval for an 800 unit New Urbansim development known as River Trails Ranch. This massive development was staunchly opposed by a group called Friends of the Animas Valley and failed to gain council approval.

In other matters, the council approved Three Springs Village I - calling for 883 homes and 81,561 square feet of commercial development on 148.6 acres in Grandview. They adopted an ordinance guiding development and re-development patterns in the subdivision.

Three Springs Village is part of a larger development proposal for land near the new Mercy Regional Medical Center. The bigger tract totals 681 acres and calls for as many as 2, 283 homes, apartments and other dwellings and 864,000 square feet of commercial space.


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